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Your supplier for premium-quality
medicinal mushroom raw materials

Order mushroom powders, extracts and capsules to use as dietary supplements
or in functional foods.

Our 40+ years of experience as a medicinal mushroom supplier ensures safe and effective
products that you can bring to market immediately.

Why choose us?

No grain fillers, only pure mushroom in our products.

Fast delivery directly from our warehouse in Austria.

Even small batches (from 1 kg) available to order.

Production according to GMP and ISO standards.

Plus: Our quality is certified


Order the most popular and even rarer medicinal mushrooms

Our offering comprises extracts, powders and capsules of 17 different medicinal mushrooms, including the most popular ones such as reishi, chaga, Cordyceps and maitake.

We also offer some more rare mushroom species, such as Tremella and Tinder fungus.

We also offer specialty extracts with extra-high concentrations of certain key ingredients such as cordycepin or triterpenes.

different medicinal mushrooms on a wooden table with a pile of mushroom powder and capsules
a picture of medicinal mushroom use cases featuring an enegry can, coffee cup, petri dish full of powder, chocolate, capsules, protein powder shaker, petri dish with extract

How to use medicinal mushrooms?

Which dosage form should you use, mushroom extract or powder? What are the differences to take into consideration?

And how can you use medicinal mushroom raw materials? What kind of products can you create with them?

Below you can find answers to these and many others questions regarding the use of medicinal mushrooms. It’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re new to the topic.

Get to know us

Watch the video to learn more about who we are and how we produce medicinal mushroom raw materials for our customers.

The manufacturing process of our medicinal mushrooms

How we ensure our customers receive the highest quality raw materials possible

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Product quality is guaranteed by our high quality standards

Our quality standards are very high as we want to offer only the safest and most effective medicinal mushroom raw materials. However, the quality of such mushroom products on the market varies as not every supplier uses the same standards.

Learn more about how to recognize a high-quality medicinal mushroom


We analyse every single order batch for impurities and any other residues

All our raw materials are thoroughly analyzed by certified and government accredited laboratories. You’ll receive all these analyses and other certificates with your order, confirming the safety and marketability of the raw materials.

Learn more about our analysis methods

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