Cordyceps CS-4 mushroom extract, powder and capsules

The TV show Last of Us truly made Cordyceps famous. Luckily for us, the mushroom isn’t able to invade us humans and turn us into zombies. It does have the potential to do something to our bodies, but the effect is rather a very positive one.

From us you can buy Cordyceps sinensis as extract, powder and extract or powder capsules.

Cordyceps sinensis properties

Cordyceps sinensis originally comes from the Tibetan highlands, but it also grows in parts of China and India. It has gotten the nickname “caterpillar mushroom” from its very brutal use of a growing material.

Before winter, the fungus attacks a certain type of caterpillar underground, which it kills and uses as food. At the beginning of spring, the mushroom then sprouts out of the dead caterpillar with a club-shaped, brown fruiting body that only grows to a height of around 5-15 cm.

Due to its high demand and popularity especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan folk medicine, and the very time-consuming way of collecting it in nature by hand, Cordyceps sinensis is currently traded as the most expensive mushroom. The market price in Shanghai in 2018 was between $50,000 and $56,000/kg. So, outside of Asia is not really feasible trying to sell the nature-grown Cordyceps.

How is Cordyceps sinensis grown then?

It’s impossible to cultivate the Cordyceps fruiting body. Luckily, after years of research, a mycelium was isolated from wild Cordyceps sinensis and propagated using a special fermentation technique.

First, the mushroom is cultivated in a natural nutrient solution (no grain or similar substrate is used). At the end of the ripening period, the mycelium has absorbed all liquid. What remains is a solution called Cordyceps CS-4. According to scientific studies, it’s chemical composition is so similar to that of the naturally growing Cordyceps mushroom that CS-4 can be officially called “Cordyceps”.

Ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis

The ingredients of the Cordyceps mushroom include not only vitamins (B1, B2, B12, E and K), amino acids and minerals (e.g. iron, calcium and magnesium) that are important and essential for optimal bodily functions.

It also contains various bioactive components such as ergosterol, ophicordin, adenosin, galactomannan and L-tryptophan, that appear to be behind the mushroom’s potential health benefits. Naturally Cordyceps also contains polysaccharides and beta-glucan as well as special glycoproteins.

Cordyceps use cases in research and practice

Cordyceps is often used in Asia to enhance athletic performance, and this potential is the subject of many recent studies. Other popular uses and research topics include the mushroom’s ability to boost the immune system and improve overall mood.

Our offering of Cordyceps extract, powder and capsules

ExtractOrganic1 kgPer quote
ExtractConv.1 kgPer quote
CPA³ extractConv.25 kgPer quote
PowderOrganic5 kgPer quote
Extract capsulesOrganic2000 pieces275 €/2000 pcs
Extract capsulesConv.2000 pieces215 €/2000 pcs
Powder capsulesOrganic2000 pieces185 €/2000 pcs
Powder capsulesConv.2000 pieces140 €/2000 pcs

Cultivation and growing material

We grow our mushrooms in their natural habitat, the Chinese highlands, and rely on the expertise of local farmers.

The nutrient solution used to grow the Cordyceps mycelium consist of 50% cane sugar (conventional), 30% yellow bean powder, 12% glucose, and 8% peptones.

Shelf life and storage conditions

For extracts and powders: 4 years when properly stored: at room temperature or lower, in a tightly closed package that keeps the raw materials protected from light, humidity and insects.

For capsules: 36 months after production when properly stored: at a dry, cool place (room temperature or lower) and protected from sunlight.

cordyceps on a table alongside capsules, extract and powder

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