Tremella extract, powder and capsules

This sponge-looking medicinal mushroom might not be as known a medicinal mushroom like reishi, lion’s mane or cordyceps. But, the substances found inside it have made the mushroom a very popular ingredient in elixirs, teas, syrups and even in cosmetics.

From us you can buy tremella as extract, powder and extract capsules.

Properties and ingredients of the tremella mushroom

Tremella fuciformis, also known as silver ear fungus or snow fungus because of its looks, is a remarkable medicinal mushroom with a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It grows mainly on tree stumps and dead wood of deciduous trees such as oak and beech. It’s a well-known and popular edible mushroom and an ingredient in many recipes for elixirs, teas and syrups as well as in cosmetics in Asia.

Tremella is particularly rich in polysaccharides, and a characteristic component of the mushroom is tremellose, another type of a carbohydrate. It is also a natural source of proteins and essential amino acids, which are important for strengthening and building tissues in the body. Lot of essential minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium can also be found, which are important for maintaining bone health and muscle function.

Tremella use cases in research and practice

Tremella has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to e.g. strengthen the immune system and improve the appearance of the skin. There are also studies conducted on Tremella regarding its potential to improve cognitive health, support heart function, and regulate blood sugar levels.

Our offering of tremella extract, powder and capsules

ExtractOrganic1 kgPer quote
PowderOrganic5 kgPer quote
Extract capsulesOrganic2000 pcs236 €/2000 pcs

Cultivation and growing material

We grow our mushrooms in their natural habitat, the Chinese highlands, and rely on the expertise of local farmers.

The growing material used to grow tremella consists of 70% sawdust mix (oak, maple, birch, poplar), 27% organic wheat bran, 2% natural gypsum and 1% cane sugar (conventional quality.

Shelf life and storage conditions

For extracts and powders: 4 years when properly stored: at room temperature or lower, in a tightly closed package that keeps the raw materials protected from light, humidity and insects.

For capsules: 36 months after production when properly stored: at a dry, cool place (room temperature or lower) and protected from sunlight.

tremella on a table alongside capsules, extract and powder

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