dark tablet or pill containers on a conveyor belt ready to be filled

End production of our medicinal mushroom raw materials

The final production of our medicinal mushroom raw materials takes place in our ISO 22000 certified production facilities in Austria. This enables us to meet our own high quality standards in every respect, as well as the strict control criteria of the German food legislation.

Take a closer look at our production process from the video below:

a person with a lab coat writing notes on a paper in front of a table which has a microscope, sample tubes and petri dishes

Careful inspection of the goods

Upon receiving the raw materials from China, we verify that the following information is correct:

At the same time, the laboratory values are proofed a second time by the accredited and independent German laboratory group Agrolab.

The raw materials are then prepared for use and labeled.

Some of the raw materials will go to our warehouse, some is filled in bulk according to orders, and some goes to our semi-automated production facility for contract manufacturing.

Mixing and encapsulation

Depending on the recipe, the goods are packaged in bags either as loose or in capsules as followed:

  • Mushroom powder or extract
  • A blend of various mushrooms
  • A combination of powder and extract
  • Mushrooms together with other ingredients, such as plant extracts

The individual ingredients are weighed according to the recipe, poured into the mixing tank and mixed for half an hour before being filled into capsules.

The capsules are visually inspected several times during the production phase to ensure that everything is in order with the encapsulation. These inspections are documented and included with the order.

medicinal mushroom capsules being produced
a person inspecting a row of cardboard packages

Filling, labeling and final inspection before shipping

After encapsulation, the final product is prepared to be shipped, either loose or in containers. We can custom label the containers according to customer specifications and requirements.

The batch number and expiry date are also applied at this stage. This batch number can be used to track the results of Agrolab analyses and to request certificates of analysis from each customer.

Finally, the closures are visually and randomly inspected for possible leaks. Then the order is complete and ready to be shipped to the customer.

All order related documents such as laboratory analyses and manufacturer certificates such as the bio certificate are included with every order. Our customers will have all the documentation they need to bring a medicinal mushroom product to market immediately*.

*Please note that depending on the laws of your country, further administrative steps may be required before you can sell our raw materials.

Using the latest technology together with qualified experts

We rely on the combination of state-of-the-art technologies such as infrared spectrometry and HPLC analysis with the expertise of well-trained and experienced staff in final production. Our long-serving employees are able to evaluate the results of all tests and improve the production process step by step if needed.

How we ensure the highest possible quality for our raw materials?

Our quality standards for our medicinal mushrooms are very high. But that’s the only way to guarantee that you, and your customers, receive only the most effective and safest products possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most popular questions about our end production. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, you can take a look at all our FAQs or give us a call or send us an email.

How can the customer know what is the delivered product?

Each raw material batch is given a number, as is each finished product. With this number the results of the Agrolab analysis can easily be traced and the analysis certificates can be given to customers per request.

What packaging options are available?

All of our products are packaged in either PE bags or cardboard drums. Detailed explanations of the packaging can be found in the respective product specifications.

Is it possible to get customized product labeling?

Yes, it is possible for our customers to get custom labels for their products. You can discuss about your needs with our team.