Our cultivation

Experienced farmers and unspoilt natural areas

As an international manufacturer of natural products, it is very important to us to find the right locations with optimum conditions for cultivating our medicinal mushrooms. In the heart of pure, industrially unspoilt natural areas of the Chinese uplands, we have selected experienced cooperation partners who grow medicinal mushrooms for mycotrition both using conventional and organic methods according to our high quality standards. Quality standards that we have developed based on our extensive experience with medicinal mushrooms as a manufacturer of consumer products.

Many of our mushrooms originally come from Southern Asia and, in some cases, have been valued and consumed there for millennia due to their components. The cultivation of mushrooms was also developed there. This is shown, for instance, by Shiitake, which has already been grown successfully for over 1,000 years in the province of Fujian in China. We have made the most of knowledge from this long tradition and found trustworthy famers in the local area who ensure the cultivation of the mushrooms.

Unberührte Naturgebiete

Depending on the variety, mushrooms grow on wood or in the soil. Together with the climatic conditions, the nutrient content of the cultivation material is significantly responsible for the development of the components – particularly polysaccharides. We find the optimum combination of both in the South-East Asian uplands. This is where our nutrient-rich, high-quality mushrooms come from.
We visit our growing regions regularly ourselves in order to see the conditions on site for ourselves and further strengthen our partnerships. Our experienced mushroom farmers from the Fujian and Jiangxi provinces ensure sustainable cultivation away from any industry and cities and thus away from harmful influences from industrial toxins.