Our processing

Careful harvesting, gentle processing and sustainability

Following careful harvesting, our high-quality mushrooms are dried. To retain the important polysaccharides, the mushrooms are dried in different ways depending on the variety and properties immediately after harvesting: sometimes with the sun, or in traditional drying facilities for more sensitive mushrooms. In the facilities, wood used during cultivation is employed as a fuel and the ashes are applied to the fields as fertiliser. Thanks to the almost complete processing and recycling of our materials, we also set clear priorities when it comes to sustainability.

Once the drying phase is complete, the entire fruiting bodies of the medicinal mushrooms are ground. The processes also differ depending on the species of mushroom when it comes to grinding. Based on their characteristics, some mushroom varieties require pre-treatment with rough chopping or several grinding cycles in order to achieve the desired fineness.

The extraction process

The extremely fine powder is acquired with the particularly effective shellbroken method, in which the cell walls of the mushrooms are destroyed. The grain of our powder is less than 0.125 mm following processing and thus has an extremely high quality and bioavailability.

The components can be absorbed particularly well by the body thanks to this fine degree of grinding. Coarser powder and mushroom pieces are not suitable for consumption as a dietary supplement as it is more difficult for the components to be used by the body in this form. Medicinal mushroom pieces can be used, for instance, to prepare teas. The extraction, which takes place using hot water, ensures that important components are made bioavailable.